NFL - No Football Life

NFL - No Football Life

Leave it up to Donald Trump to add gasoline to the fire, which is the ongoing NFL boycott in retaliation for the perceived (no, the actual) whiteballing of Colin Kaepernick. I was one of the people that actually felt Trump's election would be the best thing to happen to this country because in electing Trump, the political fraternity allowed an unqualified, narcissistic, hyper-sensitive man-child into their fray. In doing this, it inadvertently lifted the veil on purveyors of white supremacy parading as congressmen and women advocating on the behalf of every American. And for that, I actually have to thank Trump. 

A vast amount of Americans are ill informed about the real history of this country and sadly lack the interest to do any real research outside of what was taught via the school system, which paints America as a country that has never wronged anyone or anything and civilized the rest of the free world. This false teaching also leads to reinforce the farcical ideal of white supremacy, particularly amongst our white co-inhabitants of this country. With their belief system solidified, they venture out into the world and treat everyone who fails to resemble them in skin tone and background, accordingly. 

But I digress. Trump is the product of the aforementioned paragraph but coupled with wealth, a white supremacist father and lifelong enabling. As much as a like to see people unite against Trump, I do feel as though it is the easy way out and serves to redirect out attention and energy from accomplishing the real work that needs to be done. Trump and every other President before and after is a mere figurehead of the American corporation. Prior to Trump, America just had the best PR department in the world and was always able to better control the narrative while masking their true intentions. Trump has basically fired that PR team and has taken the reigns of all media related operations because of course, he knows more than they do.

I'm more concerned with the fact that the NFL players and owners only came to unite after being verbally lambasted by Trump but not at the aid of Kaepernick who’s message has remained consistent and is steeped in truth and humanity. The narrative has now been changed from Kaepernick taking a knee to protest law enforcement killing Black men, women and children with impunity, to disrespecting the flag, to boycotting the NFL due to the ostracizing of Kaepernick to now everyone uniting against Trump? 

At this point, I don't want the NFL to sign Kaepernick. I don't feel the league deserves an individual of his talent and integrity. Also, even if Kaepernick somehow finds his way on an NFL roster, I feel the boycott should continue as the NFL has been brutally clear where they stand on the valuation of Black lives that they are unable to monetize. Do not be distracted by Trump and his shenanigans. Continue to hold the NFL and their owners accountable for their lack of empathy and effort. As David Banner said "The only two things they respect are the loss of life and the loss of finance". This is just the beginning but I believe in what is right and I think history will remember everyone on each side of this, accordingly.


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