Hurricane season

I first want to send my thoughts and condolences to all of those directly or indirectly affected by Hurricane Harvey, Irma and potentially Jose. With so much turmoil on the ground in this country and abroad in addition to mother nature's rampage, it truly feel as if we're in the last days. The thing is that no matter how much people reference scripture or other ominous works, I don't think humans are self-aware enough to actually realize we are living in the midst of armageddon if that is indeed the case. 

As an aside, I feel bad for the disparaging remarks i've made towards the state of Florida in the past in moments of anger. You know, the Trayvon Martin case and various other peculiar events that tend to happen with interminable regularity in the sunshine state. Is this some sort of karma for past misdeeds and miscarriages of justice? If you accede with that line of thought, then Florida is merely the alpha of things to come.



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